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The French Touch Hunt…. partez!

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see you next time 🙂

La French Touch Hunt, c’est parti!

Tout est loin d’être parfait, mais si vous êtes impatients rejoignez le groupe pour être au courant et venez consulter les indices régulièrement sur le blog.

Bonne chasse!

Magasin/Shop Indice/Hint
1. A la Folie Diamonds  are the girl’s best friends / Les diamants sont les meilleurs amis des filles
2. Bad At Croquet “Imagine there’s no Heaven.   It’s easy if you try”
3. Gallery Deesselle Tired ? Take a seat / Fatigué? Assieds-toi.
4. [Acide!] Would you like to drink? / Voulez-vous boire?
5. .:FBC:. Does this skirt need so many bows?/Est-ce que cette jupe a besoin d’autant de rubans?
6. croire Do as you would to see the top of the Eiffel Tower/ Faites comme vous feriez pour voir le haut de la Tour Eiffel
7. Ayiki’s – Cre@ction Is it summer yet? / C’est l’été?
8.  LEMANIA INDIGO DESIGNS Carla Bruni could wear it / Carla Bruni pourrait la mettre.
9. Lillou’s Designs Eat a fruit in the shade of a tree, what a treat! / Manger un fruit à l’ombre d’un arbre, quel plaisir!
10. FRENCH BONBON I love laying in a sofa / J’adore m’allonger dans un sofa
11. MaMia No hint needed/Pas besoin d’indice
12. Pirate Queen Designs Find the Pirate / Trouvez le pirate
13. Ema’s Secret – No hint needed/Pas besoin d’indice
14. Solylence Créations The Eiffel Tower counts 1665 of these / La Tour Eiffel en comprend 1665
15. Vent du Sud It feels good next to the fireplace / On est bien près de la cheminée
16. ::Temptation:: Have you ever seen the Moulin Rouge? / Avez-vous déjà vu le Moulin Rouge?
17. AMERICAN BAZAAR Black dentelle looks good on me / La dentelle noir me va bien
18. ::VMC:: She also has a sexy top / Elle aussi a un top sexy
19. AntiBiotiK Skip this store, work in progress, the hunt item has been removed / Sauter ce magasin, des travaux sont en cours et le prix a été retire.
20. EDS No hint needed/Pas besoin d’indice
21. Adoness Orithyia is facing the Eiffel Tower / Orithyia regarde la Tour Eiffel
22. LOST EMPATHY Un free peut en cacher un autre / A freebie can hide another one
23. PixMe Studio Designs Miroir, miroir dit moi qui est la plus belle / Mirror mirror who is the most beautiful
24. Y’s Art&Poses Fatigué? / Tired?

About Bahia Pessoa

I have been on SL for over 4 years. I have explored, met lots of people, got partenered, met the man of my dreams, been pregnant, managed a SIM, rented houses, built, danced a lot, been a hostess, ran a store, and blogged... I used to write for an SL magazine that is now gone with the wind. So, I figured, I'd keep on doing it and create my own blog. I write in French because there are plenty of blogs in English that do a great job but English is my first language. I accept reviews but don't expect me to post them, if I do, it's because I like what I've been given. I also will not post twice the links to items I've already mentionned in other posts.. If it's not on the post, it's been blogged before... go through the blog and find it. If you need any kind of help with SL, IM me inworld....

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