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We can feel a change is coming, Like a kiss upon a tide, Breathing life into every heart, The hopeful kind of times, Cause we’ll walk this road together (Sarah McLachlan)

[On peut sentir un changement qui vient, Comme un baiser sur une vague, Respirer la vie dans tous les coeurs, Le genre d’espoir des temps, Parce qu’on va parcourir ce chemin ensemble]

Shape Paloma par Deesselle Destiny, Peau Trudy Tan par Mother Goose’s, yeux Koi Blue par Umedama (déjà blogués)
Cheveux: [RA] Petunia II Hair – Berry Smooch (cadeau The Red Seal Hunt)
Robe: BB* Lucky Board Item basic black dress 3 (cadeau LuckyBoard)
Foulard: {Zeery} Silk Screen Scarf (cadeau The Red Seal Hunt)
Lunettes: A:B glass black (cadeau LuckyBoard)
Chaussures: +9 Ribbon High Heels -black enamel(gratuit sur MarketPlace)

About Bahia Pessoa

I have been on SL for over 4 years. I have explored, met lots of people, got partenered, met the man of my dreams, been pregnant, managed a SIM, rented houses, built, danced a lot, been a hostess, ran a store, and blogged... I used to write for an SL magazine that is now gone with the wind. So, I figured, I'd keep on doing it and create my own blog. I write in French because there are plenty of blogs in English that do a great job but English is my first language. I accept reviews but don't expect me to post them, if I do, it's because I like what I've been given. I also will not post twice the links to items I've already mentionned in other posts.. If it's not on the post, it's been blogged before... go through the blog and find it. If you need any kind of help with SL, IM me inworld....

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