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Le Miel… J’adore!

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Miel fait toujours de superbes cadeaux à ses clientes….  Non seulement j’aime la marque pour le détail des sculpts mais en plus on n’est pas abreuvés de messages par le Sub’O et affaire de goût, j’aime le style…

Vous l’aurez déjà vue sur tous les blogs, tellement elle plait, mais voici la petite robe que j’ai reçue en cadeau.  Pour jouer le jeu et remercier les créateurs de la marque Miel, j’ai enfilé mes bas, chaussé mes boots et ajusté ma perruque Miel pour prendre la pose Doll.

Limousine direction Miel:

About Bahia Pessoa

I have been on SL for over 4 years. I have explored, met lots of people, got partenered, met the man of my dreams, been pregnant, managed a SIM, rented houses, built, danced a lot, been a hostess, ran a store, and blogged... I used to write for an SL magazine that is now gone with the wind. So, I figured, I'd keep on doing it and create my own blog. I write in French because there are plenty of blogs in English that do a great job but English is my first language. I accept reviews but don't expect me to post them, if I do, it's because I like what I've been given. I also will not post twice the links to items I've already mentionned in other posts.. If it's not on the post, it's been blogged before... go through the blog and find it. If you need any kind of help with SL, IM me inworld....

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